world war 2: warsaw uprising 1944


Polish and German leaflets published and distributed during the Warsaw Uprising.

All documents courtesy of Hoover Institution.

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soldiers of the home army Soldiers of the
Home Army!
proclamation Proclamation ultimatum Ultimatum

German leaflet signed by a nonexistent 'Polish Refugee Committee' urging civilians to leave the city. Beginning of Aug. 1944.

An ultimatum calling the inhabitants to leave the city. Signed by a 'Supreme Commander'. 08/11/44

German leaflet pretending to come from Gen. 'Bor' urging insurgents to fight Russian troops along German army.
the only way The Only Way mokotov district capitulated Mokotow District Capitulated! to german wehrmacht To German Wehrmacht
Polish leaflet to German soldiers urging to stop fighting. Attached coupon guarantees save passage. 08/11/44


German leaflet urging insurgents to surrender.

German leaflet calling Poles in still fighting districts to surrender. After 9/27/44.

deutsche soldaten Deutsche
letter to soldiers Letter to Soldiers announcement Announcement
From Polish civilian authorities regarding the security measures.

Polish leaflet to German soldiers urging to give
up the fight since war is already lost. Signed by Polish soldiers.
Aug. 1944


From Rev. Biblia, a Home Army chaplain. Aug. 1944.

home army daily bulletin pg. 1 Home Army Daily Bulletin pg. 1 home army daily bulletin pg. 2-3 Home Army Daily Bulletin pg. 2-3  
From 'Monter', the Home Army Warsaw Region commander, announcing promotions, distinctions,
and sentences.