world war 2: warsaw uprising 1944

United States Senator John Kerry.

Statement in Recognition of the 60th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.

  Senator John Kerry issued the following statement today in Recognition of the 60th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising:

“August 1 marks the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the Warsaw Uprising, a brave and daring rebellion and a proud moment in Poland's 5-year struggle against Nazi oppressors during World War II. 

“During 63 days of relentless house-to-house battles, the Polish Home Army fought valiantly against a far better equipped enemy. By the end of the uprising, German forces had slaughtered over 200,000 Polish civilians and underground fighters. Hitler then ordered Warsaw to be raised to the ground.

“As we pause today to remember the heroes of the Warsaw Uprising, we must also reflect on the sacrifices of the hundreds of thousands of Poles who fought on the Western and Eastern fronts and of the Polish pilots who made decisive contributions to the victorious outcome of the Battle of Britain. And we must thank Poland for standing with our troops today in Iraq.

Those who lost their lives in the Warsaw Uprising did not die in vain. These heroes kindled a spirit which kept alive resistance to communist totalitarianism and eventually led to the Solidarity Movement which contributed to the collapse of the Soviet bloc. Today, Poland is again free, a member of NATO and the European Union, and Warsaw thrives as its capital. 

“Today’s Poland owes a debt of gratitude to all those who gave their lives during those 63 days. 

I join my fellow Americans in saluting the heroes of the Warsaw Uprising and in acknowledging the sacrifice made by these heroic Poles.”