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Many thanks for support and help in creating and developing this site to:

Norman Davies for inspiration, support, and permission to use materials from his Rising '44: The Battle for Warsaw. Tadeusz Kondracki, Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, and John Radzilowski for their guidance, support, and providing important materials. Maciej Siekierski, Hoover Institution, for help and assistance in researching Polish archives. Whatfor, creator of the excellent 'Warsaw Uprising: Home Army vs. Waffen-SS' site, for his help in providing hard to find materials. Keith Ullrich, for his invaluable input and support in the layout/design, typography and editing. All of the volunteers and supporters who have helped this site to grow.

Home page verse 'Go, passer-by and tell the world...' (Przechodniu, Powiedz Polsce, Żeśmy Polegli Wierni w Jej Służbie) was translated by Norman Davies, Rising '44: The Battle for Warsaw, from the monument commemorating fallen Polish soldiers at the Monte Cassino cemetery, Italy. The original version of the epitaph wrote Simonides of Ceos at the place of battle of Thermopylae (480 B.C.).

Home page photograph of Jerzy Sikorski 'Sixton' was taken in August 1944 by Wiesław Chrzanowski 'Wiesław' in the Warsaw's Old Town district.
who we are

This website has been developed and maintained by Project InPosterum [Latin – for the future], http://www.projectinposterum.org, a nonprofit, public benefit corporation established in 2004 in California with the following purpose:

"The corporation is organized for the specific purpose of preserving and promoting selected subjects of World War II history and its aftermath, with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe, through facilitating the growth and development of online and traditional publishing resources of related documents and information for the general public with a special attention toward students."

To learn more about the genesis of this site, read [ Why this site was created? ]

To contact us, send email to: info[at]projectinposterum.org – replace [at] with @ when emailing.
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